D-Group Resources

Find Bible reading plans, book recommendations, and more resources to help your group grow.

Bible Reading Plans

We recommend the F-260 Bible reading plan, which covers the entire metanarrative of scripture through 5 weekly readings (with weekends off). You can download a PDF of the plan here, and purchase the Foundations journal for additional (optional) resources.

We also recommend the NT-260 Bible reading plan, which goes through the 27 books of the New Testament through 5 weekly readings. You can find more information and download the PDF here.

You can also find dozens of additional reading plans through YouVersion's Bible App.

MARCS Assessment

Download the MARCS Assessment to help the participants in your D-Group gauge their own spiritual growth as well as determine where they are as a disciple-maker.

D-Group Overview

To learn more about getting involved or starting your own D-Group, download the D-Group Overview.

Book Recommendations